Annual participatory:  $75 + 4 volunteer shifts per year.

6 month participatory:  $50 + 2 volunteer shifts during the period

3 month participatory:  $25 + 1 volunteer shift during the period

Keyholder/co-ordinator:  $20 + 6 volunteer shifts per year as co-ordinator (some training required)

Committee Member:  Free + 8 co-orindator shifts per year help shape the future of our toy library!

Grandparent annual:  $40 + 4 volunteer shifts per year (negotiable)

 Children are welcome at all times including for volunteer shifts!  home duties can be made available in some circumstances that equal 1 shift.  

Sign up during opening hours (Mondays and Saturdays 09:30 - 11:00am) and explore the library at the same time!